Chiropractic Services in Paramus, NJ

Hello everyone and welcome to the Applied Kinesiology Center of New Jersey. At this office you will find the most advanced State-of-the-Art Chiropractic techniques, Acupuncture, Nutritional Consultations for you and your pets ( dogs only ), Muscle Balancing, and top of the line nutritional products and supplementation supplies for the average person to the advanced athlete.

Applied Kinesiology Chiropractic Muscle Balance Assessment

"AK" is a diagnostic systematic approach that uses muscle testing to find the cause of your symptoms. For example, you may have shoulder pain due to a rotator cuff muscle that is not "firing properly", meaning that when you contract it to move your arm it is unable to fully contract which will cause pain and the inability to stabilize the shoulder properly which will result in a high shoulder or a rolled in shoulder, which is very obvious structurally through observation by yourself or the doctor fixing you. The doctor then proceeds through a series of "checks and balances" to uncover the problem, finding the solution. The doctor may tap an acupuncture point, rub on a neurolymphatic point, hold a neurovascular point, check the breathing patterns in your pelvis or skull called craniopathy, check you for a nutritional deficiency or toxicity, or just simply adjust your spinal column or extremities. That muscle will then work normally and allow for proper rotation of the rotator cuff and normal posture of the shoulder, removing the pain. This patient may consider an AK approach to correct those "tough to fix problems" and to avoid surgery.

Functional Medicine

"FM" is a diagnostic systematic approach that utilizes "AK", saliva, urine, hair, and blood through special tests and examinations that look into the patients immune system and gastro-intestinal tract to find the underlying physiological cause of the symptoms you are experiencing. This patient may want to have an "FM" workup provided for them when after they "tried everything else" and are not getting any answers from there health care providers.

Neurological Examination

"NE" is a diagnostic systematic approach that utilizes sensory and motor functions of the human body to uncover hidden neurological problems. Such tests include but not limited to cranial nerve examination, proprioception testing, and muscle stability. The "NE" is paramount when you feel your patient has described to you stroke like symptoms. Basically, the treating doctor could possibly uncover a deeper rooted reason for your symptoms. The problems an "NE" could diagnose usually occur in the brain and spinal cord. Specific complaints made by the patient, would "raise a red flag" to the treating doctor which will lead them into an "NE".

Orthopedic Evaluation

"OE" refers to a systematic approach that uncovers injured areas of your spine or extremities that involves a series of positional tests of your arms, legs, and upper body, that may or may not produce pain which explains the type of injury your experiencing, ie. sprains, strains, fractures, dislocations, cartilage and ligament tears, bursitis, tendinitis. The degree of pain produced to the patient during this evaluation will give the doctor an insight into whether or not further analysis or special testing is recommended such as an x-ray, MRI, or CT. Orthopedic evaluations also are used as a measurement tool for improvement during the patients treatment plan.

Nutritional Programs

"NP's" are structured, regimented lifestyle choices, personally designed by Dr. De Lorenzo according to your goals, biochemistry, lab reports, and current state of health. This program starts with a one-on-one walk with the doctor through WholeFoods shopping center where he distinctively discusses today's hottest trends about eating Organic, Non-GMO, Grass fed, Cage free, Gluten free meals. You will first learn the basics of eating chicken, fish, pork, beef, eggs, dairy, and grains and all of the choices that are actually available out there. It doesn't stop there....Dr. De Lorenzo will give you homework and follow-up assignments through emails and phone calls to evaluate your every choice, to assure success, by making all options available to you, help you become more aware, and how to make the best choices about meal preparations. You will gain the ability to recognize harmful ingredients and there affects on our physiology such as, white flower, white sugar, synthetic sweeteners, food colorings, preservatives, pesticides, BPA's, and artificial flavorings.